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How to order?

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How to Order?
Please tell us the products you like for your company, your company logo and the quantity you need, so that we can prepare your price offer. Since the number and form of the logo work of each company is different, the printing price of the selected material also varies according to the company. Therefore, printing prices are not included in our prices. Our company has laser printing, uv printing, pad printing and leather or artificial leather covered notebook and other models for hot printing facilities.

You can get information from your customer representative about the most appropriate printing technique of your products for your company concept and pricing to be applied for you. In order to get maximum efficiency from your work, your target audience, accurate timing and planning will benefit you greatly. We can also support you with alternative solutions that have recently come up with different features. If you are aiming to accelerate your advertising efforts and reach new goals, a study consisting of conscious and high quality materials will provide you with great benefit.


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