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The Write Stuff C Pens Custom Printed for Your Brand

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Get a grip on the perfect custom printed pens for your business or promotional campaign.

Promotional pens are a business essential for any company. As a marketing tool to be given away to prospective clients or just as a token of appreciation for dedicated patrons, custom printed business pens are ideal for getting your company name or logo directly into the hands of your customers. From fancy executive pens and clever multifunctional writing instruments to classic click pens and budget stick pens, PrintGlobe is your source for the boldest and brightest, newest and most innovative pens on the market, all customized with your specially designed logo or essential contact information that will be as useful to your customers as they are to your business.

Innovative Pens

A pen doesnt have to be just a pen. As technology gets smaller and more compact, more and more features can be added to the relatively small space taken up by a common promotional pen. Remember those old four-sided multi-color pens that would get jammed up when you tried to deploy all four colors at once? Well weve come a long way since then with built in lights (both decorative and utilitarian), retractable banners and stylus tips compatible with your portable devices and keeping touch screens free from messy fingerprints. In the spirit of keeping things clean, more and more medical professionals are turning to stylus-tipped instruments when filling out their electronic patient charts. Also gaining in popularity are LED flashlight pens that allow users to write in low light or find lost keys buried in deep purses. Here at PrintGlobe, one of our favorite multi-purpose pens is this heavy duty St. James Triple Function Pen with LED Light & Stylus. One click of the plunger deploys the ink tip; three clicks activate the LED flashlight! Its a revelation to hold in your fingertips!

Executive Pens

Spare no expense for your most important clients and present them with an executive pen set custom printed exclusively for your company brand. Gold accents, state-of-the-art gel inks and premium construction are just some of the luxury options you will find among PrintGlobes superior array of high-end promotional pens.

Budget Pen Options

No matter how tight your advertising or marketing budget may be, your companys promotional pens can still look like a million bucks thanks to PrintGlobes vibrant and stylish selection of custom printed stick pens. From neon colors and translucent barrels that will add new depth to your companys logo to classic white backgrounds that will allow your multi-color image to truly pop, theres nothing boring or simple about these custom printed stick pens. Choose a matching cap and trim to coordinate with your organizations color scheme. Youll also find unique cap shapes and aerodynamic clips to complement your companys sleek and modern image. Just check out these stick pens featuring the latest in gel ink innovation.


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