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Your organization cannot be outside the most important events in your sector, if you plan a marketing strategy correctly, you will already have well defined events that you want to attend during the year, however, it is very important that you also define promotional items They will offer.


There are several steps for the effective organization of an event, here are some tips that will help you make it perfect from beginning to end and you can get the most out of it.


Consider the number of attendees
You don't want to stay in the middle of the event with insufficient promotions.


Event organizers know exactly how many attendees expect, especially for the capacity of the place where it takes place, based on this you must calculate at least 3 promotional for each. It doesn't matter if you have left over, you can reuse them in another event, the most important thing is that you never miss.


The advantage over sending large quantities of promotional items in Mexico City is that the higher the number, the lower the price.

Duration of the event
In addition to the number of attendees that will be in the event, you must divide them between the days of duration, so you can manage your promotional items intelligently, you can supply them as you need them, believe us, you will not want to have a stand full of promotions that you do not go To use that day.


Type of promotional items
It's no use having the right amount if you don't have the right promotional items, what should you consider to choose the most suitable?


Characteristics of the attendees: consider age, gender, position within the organization and activities in it; Only in this way can you give articles that will get your attention and that above all, they will keep.

For example, if the audience is young and technological, you can choose items for smartphones or headphones, sports accessories; you can even opt for much more striking colors; If you want to see some options, click here.


If the audience instead is older, and their habits are more sophisticated, there are incredible wine kits that anyone will want and that will make them remember your brand for a long time.

Season: consider whether it is hot or cold, because even this can help you select items that attendees use immediately: fans, fans, etc. If it's rainy season, don't you think an umbrella will be ideal, functional and used immediately?

Habits of the audience: what would you give if you are addressing vendors of an organization? If this is the case, it will mean that they spend a lot of time in the car and using the cell phone. For them the ideal will be thermos where they can take their coffee anywhere, iPad holder, cell phone holder, portable batteries, etc.

If you consider the 3 main points, we assure you that you will be very successful in the event you go to and all attendees will want to take some of your brand for their homes. Do not doubt the promotional items in DF, they are very useful and efficient so that your brand is remembered and has much more exposure.


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