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10 Practical Multifunctional Keychain(2)

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6.Tape Keychain

Tape Keychain is a hard PVC or soft PVC shell containing a roll of tape measuring from 2-5m. Tape measure made of varnish, soft cloth material, mainly used for clothing design and construction site. Of course, there are many places we can use this measure tapes keychain, just like making clothes, build in furniture, and measuring the length of items. This tape measure keychain is perfect for craft enthusiast, craftsman, students, designers and more.

7.Compass + Thermometer Keychain

Thermometer and compass are the must-have tools for mountain climbers. This two-in-one Compass + Thermometer Keychain is a very practical keychain. It is not only a tool, but also is a keychain, a decoration. It is also very cool to hang on a mountaineering bag.

8.LED Light Keychain

This is a hard PVC keychain with LED lights. Its PVC casing contains a battery and an LED light that does not require charging to release a very bright light source. It can be used as emergency lighting in the event of a power outage and it can help us find items in the dark. This keychain is perfect tool for hanging anywhere. The LED light keychain in the picture is small in size, so the light source is limited. The LED light keychain has many keychains with larger wattage, which we can purchase as needed.

9.Bottle Opener Keychain

This is a PVC keychain with Disneys image Stitch. PVC Stitch wrapped a metal corkscrew into a cartoon keychain. The PVC cartoon image keychain is welcome at all times. The bottle opener buckle is also a tool commonly used in our daily life. This is a PVC bottle opener keychain that combines several functions. It also helps us to open soda and beer caps as a decoration and keychain. The bottle opener keychain of Stitchs style is a good-looking ornament in any case, not an icy tool.

10.Pen Keychain

This hard PVC keychain is a capsule-shaped keychain that stretches freely. Remove the half of the capsule and it will turn into a pen, and cover the cap, which will be restored to the capsule keychain. This pen keychain is very cheap and can help us in many situations where a pen is needed. It is a good-looking keychain even when it is not needed, and it is very compact, lightweight and very portable. It can bring convenience to people who need to use a pen when they travel frequently. It can always help us at some point.

The above ten multi-function keychains have different functions as decoration and keychains, which provide more convenience for our lives. Of course, the diversity and variety of keychains make it a necessity in our lives and can play different roles at different times. You can also customize keychains with other functions, such as fluorescent keychains, magnet keychains, voice recorder keychains, and more.


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