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How to Choose the Right Promotional Products

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n todays world of marketing, businesses need to be strategic. Gone are the days where any advertising you do will bring in huge dollars in sales. You cant just put out your message and expect people will come running. You have to market to a targeted audience and you need to stand out and be different to your competitors.

Over the past years as a reputable Promotional Products supplier, we have had many people come to us to buy promotional products for their business. Many people say to they want a cool giveaway and immediately follow with, I was thinking about pens and stubby holders. You know, the cheap ones that everyone has.

This is where Red Pepper Promotions likes to be different. We discuss your required outcome with you, your target market and your price points, to achieve the best products with the most appeal from your customers.

The Quality of the Gift You Give to Your Clients Portrays an Image of Your Business

At Red Pepper Promotions, we attend many events to keep in touch with our customers needs and regularly see that the majority of businesses are giving away the same items; pens, notepads, stubby holders and key-rings.

So, what do people do with these items when they get back to their home or office? Most people we speak with, put them in their draw for when they may need it. This isnt what you want your advertising dollars to do for you.

You want it in front of your clients where your brand is constantly reminding them.

Now, just to clarify, there are purposes for pens and stubby holders and the other simple, traditional promotional products. For example, if you are serving canned or bottled drinks at a function, serve the drinks in a branded stubby holder. It reinforces your branding, keeps the guests hands from getting cold, and keeps their drink colder for longer. Your clients will love you for this.

By giving away the same promotional items that every other business gives out, you look just like them. Your goal should be to look different and stand out from your competitors.


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