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The Power of Promotional Products

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More than ever before, it is essential for businesses to implement different tactics in to their marketing mix, in order to remain competitive and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Promotional items are an excellent way to get your brand noticed and remembered. And they help to develop a relationship with clients that leaves them with a lasting impression of your brand.

Promotional Items Have an Excellent ROI Compared to Other Marketing Mediums

Promotional products are an effective advertising resource. In a recent study, researchers discovered that 83% of consumers could recall an advertiser who gave away a gift or free item; while a mere 7% of consumers could recall the name of an advertiser after viewing a commercial on television.

Of these respondents, more than half admitted to keeping the product and 20% also declared to making a purchase from the advertiser, after they'd received a product.

Promotional Products Should be Personal

More and more promotional gifts are being positioned, not as a pure product, but as part of the business marketing mix. Promotional product advertising has proven to be much more effective in its unobtrusive, targeted and personalised approach.

Due their useful nature, promotional products tend to be kept and used, leading to repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the advertisers name and/or message.

And the use of promotional items is most effective when the target audience is specifically identified. Items can then be selected to appeal to that audience, creating a positive response and eliminating waste distribution.


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